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As said in our mission statement we want to “Impact our Communtiy with God’s love, hope and peace. This is how we are doing this….

Lifegate Community Cafe

In Matthew 25:35-40 Jesus says When i was hungry you fed me, naked you clothed me, thirsty you gave me something to drink,in prison you visited me​.

So in response to this, early in December 2014 we started a free community café. It is on every Friday from 11am until 2pm. We provide a healthy hot meal, soup and toasties to anyone that comes along.

The visitors include older people, mums with children and those who are in temporary accommodation.   Some of the people who come to the cafe have had their benefits stopped for a variety of reasons and we also provide food bags when these are needed. 


In addition we have Dundee North Law attend to provide benefit and housing advice.  There is also a range of up to date information available to visitors.


We have signed up with Tesco Foodshare and they donate foodstuff to the cafe for anyone to take away with them if needed.


We have internet access and help for those needing to work online for Universal Credit


The cafe is co-ordinated and run by volunteers.



We are located at:


50 Haddington Crescent



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+44 01382 07949901334 +44 01382 07949901334


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